Permaculture Calgary Guild is hiring!

Position: Cabin Fever Lead Event Coordinator

Start date: January 2023

Fixed contract: $3000

Application deadline: December 5th


*Please express your interest by emailing your resume / cover letter to


Cabin Fever is Permaculture Calgary Guild’s annual celebration, education and social event hosted in late winter / early spring. However, we have not hosted this event since 2020. In effort to make a significant comeback in 2023, we have created a paid position, Lead Event Coordinator, to help us ensure that this event is successful in inspiring and engaging the permaculture community in Calgary.  

Responsibilities for this position include:

  • Reporting to the Board, helping get the Board aligned and make decisions in a timely fashion. 
  • Researching and recommending venue options and dates to the Board
  • Making recommendation on pricing structure (market research)
  • Volunteer solicitation and coordination 
  • Speaker / presenter coordination and booking
  • Soliciting and getting sponsors (and ensuring good communication with sponsors)
  • Building the eventbrite page with information and sharing info about the event with the team. 
  • Helping with promotion efforts.
  • Being the go-to person for all of the volunteers on the week-end of. 

We estimate that this role will require 125-150 hours of time, which includes upfront coordination, participation in monthly board meetings, building sponsorship packages, coordinating volunteers, coordination speakers, and oversight on the event date. 

Learn more about our past Cabin Fever Events at these links: