Holistic Managment Framework

The PCG uses the Holistic Management Framework to set our vision or how we want to be & what we want to become. This framework guides all of our decision making:

Permaculture Calgary Guild empowers Calgarians to create positive change and resilience in their lives and communities through:

    • fostering connections and collaborations
    • facilitating educational opportunities, innovation, and skill share
    • permaculture action, advocacy, and outreach

The Permaculture Calgary Guild Fundamental Qualities

    • We are resilient as an organization
    • We are professional, ethical, well organized, and unrushed
    • We are positive and fun
    • We have a culture based on mutual respect, open communication and diversity
    • We are the hub for local permaculture knowledge and connections
    • We have a healthy financial position
    • We have respectful connections with members, organizations and collaborators
    • We have an engaged and supported membership base 

Permaculture Calgary Guild Behaviours & Systems
We must produce / create:

    • Policies that guide our work; defined roles, responsibilities and active committees
    • A resilient structure that does not rely on any one individual
    • A culture of continual learning, adaptation, and response to feedback
    • Effective regular meetings & effective decision-making
    • Clear, up-to-date and easy to use people, inventory & information management systems
    • Action plans that respect and balance volunteer capacity, and our ability to execute well.
    • A welcoming atmosphere of positivity and fun, a safe space for sharing, exploration and growth, and a culture of safety
    • Functioning, well-maintained & well-used equipment, infrastructure & website that meets our & our member’s needs
    • Effective communication with members, committees and the larger community; clear written agreements for collaborations
    • Multiple income streams, projects with clear budget and profitability goals, a sound financial plan.
    • Nurtured relationships, networking opportunities & community collaboration
    • Trust from members and broader community
    • Tangible benefits for our members

Permaculture Calgary Guild Vision

We must have:

    • Members, network and community practicing permaculture and making a difference in their communities.  
    • Board, volunteers and members committed to the Mission and Holistic Context
    • Effective maintenance of all assets and financial sustainability


Our bylaws: Permaculture Calgary Bylaws 2011