Here are the confirmed speakers and presentations for 2020 Cabin Fever.

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Presentation Title Presenter Bio
Communities of Abundance: Permaculture in Calgary. What on earth is permaculture? How can it be used to design communities? And what exactly is a permablitz? Join Traci Berg, PCG Board Member and Permablitz Coordinator for an introduction to the principles, ethics and relationships that guide permaculture design from the garden to your neighborhood. This workshop is open to everyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the basics of permaculture, build community, and get involved with Calgary’s growing permaculture movement. Traci Berg, BFA, PDC, PTT, MLA Candidate first found her way to Permaculture while living on Vancouver Island, budding from her desire to understand and preserve her thriving natural surroundings. Following the completion of her Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in 2011, she spent several years growing her own food and “living off the grid” in a remote North Island community. There she acted as a Community Garden Coordinator and Children’s Garden Program Facilitator, additionally leading workshops in cob construction, food preservation, and natural crafting. Traci returned to Calgary in 2014 where she continues to maintain her passion for sustainable design. She completed her Permaculture Teacher Training (PTT) in 2019 and is presently pursuing her Masters’ degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Calgary. Traci currently serves as the Permablitz Coordinator on the board of the Permaculture Calgary Guild.
How to Make A Mushroom Garden Bed 101. This workshop will walk you through one of the easiest way to grow mushrooms in your back yard. We will begin with a brief overview of the mushroom cultivation cycle, then make our own mushroom cardboard spawn and walk through the steps of how to use our spawn to make a mushroom garden bed. We will wrap up the workshop with how to care for your new mushroom bed. Meghan Vesey and Tara Stephens met at a PDC here in Calgary in 2014 and in 2016 started Fungi Akuafo – your local mushroom spawn producer. Their goal is to make mushroom growing more accessible to DIY growers and small farmers by selling spawn and sharing knowledge. “We grow mycelium so you can grow mushrooms!”
The Hope of Regenerative Agriculture in the City. Regenerative agriculture is one of the most hopeful activities of our time. The Rodale Institute, a leader in organic and regenerative research for over 40 years, states: “Soil carbon sequestration through regenerative agriculture is a known, proven, technical remedy to global warming.” But what can we do in the city you might ask? How can we, as urban folk, participate in the regenerative movement? What practical routines can we adopt that will build the ecosystem around us? When will we know our efforts are being regenerative? What can we learn from superorganisms to help us think about expanding regenerative agriculture? Can we celebrate when the need is so great? What does celebrating look like when our efforts feel like a ‘drop in the ocean’? Rod Olson is one of the original Urban Farmers in Calgary and is a founding member of YYC Growers- some refer to him as ‘the Rodfather’. Rod comes alive when he talks about the soil, and its potential as a compelling, living system to take us confidently into the future. As a regenerative farmer, Rod is excited about the promise these practices have for increasing water-holding capacity, reversing climate change, increasing biodiversity, and increasing the nutrient density of our food. Rod is always ready for meaningful conversation, for connecting people with their highest potential despite any ecological grief they may be encountering. When he’s not farming, Rod loves to hang out with his adult children or sing professionally with Luminous Voices, and he is a budding wood carver.
Garden Herbal Tea Blending. Join me to learn about my favourite herbal plants to add to your yard so you can enjoy delicious and beneficial herbal tea year round. We will discuss the medicinal uses of these herbs, recipes to enjoy, as well as how and when to harvest them. Finish class by creating your two of your own custom blends of tea to enjoy when you leave. My name is Heather Zloty and I am a Clinical Herbalist in Langdon, Alberta. I am a busy mother of 3 young kids, a healer at heart and I am always learning about alternative healing practices. I am also a Permaculture nerd and took my PDC with Verge a few years ago. I have a large herbal garden and food forest where I grow my own food and many of my own herbs for products. My mission is to grow or wildcraft as many of my own herbs as I can for medicine making so I know they have been grown organically and are sustainable harvested. I also believe in working with local plants so I strive to teach others how to use herbs suited for this climate and zone. Making herbal medicine and working in the garden are my soul food. I have been studying herbalism for over 12 years and have been learning everything from Alchemy, Western Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Eclectic herbalism.
Top Tips for Your Rainwater System. In Australia, over 3 million Australians use rainwater for drinking and 6.3 million use rainwater for some other household use. Very few of these systems use end-of-line sterilization or disinfection. There have been no epidemics from rainwater use in Australia. In this presentation, Michelle will talk about and summarize the best practices for rainwater harvesting system design derived from a large body of independent research. She’ll also explain why good design and sensible maintenance practices can deliver drinking-quality water, without the need for sterilization or disinfection. Michelle Avis, P.Eng is the co-author of Essential Rainwater Harvesting and co-founder of Verge Permaculture, a globally-recognized and award-winning design, consulting, and education hub offering online and real-time programs to design and/or create integrated, regenerative systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food.
A 5-Step Process To Design & Develop Your Permaculture Property. Many feel overwhelmed by the challenge of designing and managing land in a way that is ecologically regenerative, financially sustainable, and actually enjoyable. The root cause of this overwhelm isn’t lack of information or skills, it’s the struggle to manage complexity. Engineer, ecologist & permaculture designer, Rob Avis will share the 5-step process and associated open-source design tools for Google Earth Pro developed by his consulting team and based on over two decades of consulting experience. This tested and proven process will help you break through the confusion and start designing & creating the sustainable property of your dream. Rob Avis, P.Eng co-owns and operates Verge Permaculture, a globally recognized award-winning education business. He has over 10 years of combined experience in project management, ecological design, green buildings and sustainable technologies, which he shares at
Vermiculture as Part of a Natural Garden. During this 1 hour presentation on vermiculture, Chelsie will briefly review the basics of growing your soil naturally. Following mother nature’s prescription will not only leave you with more time to relax on your patio this summer, but will also grow better, more mineralized produce that you can eat and benefit from yourself. Chelsie will then turn the learning platform to you, as you sort through her worm bins looking for cocoons, castings and other vermiculture “treasures”. There will be lots of time for questions, natural explorations and getting dirty! Chelsie Anderson is the owner and operator of Chelsie’s Garden Soil-utions in Calgary. She is a regular contributor to CTV Calgary’s morning show and is the co-author of the Three Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal. Chelsie is always up for a challenge and inspiring, outdoor work. She spends her free time growing food for her 3 kids, 2 guinea pigs and millions of red wiggler worms: she knows that all good things start in the soil.
Broad Acre Permaculture In Alberta. In this presentation Takota Coen of Coen Farm will lead you through a tour of his families 250 acre farm and show how they are using permaculture design to regenerate the health of their land and increase the nutrient-density of the food the provide for families across Alberta. Takota Coen is a 2nd generation organic farmer, permaculture educator, and passionate community builder who’s life mission is to regenerate the health of the planet and its people. To find out more about how you can eat the change you want to see in the world visit
Using Regenerative and Sustainable agriculture practices on Alberta Farms. Greener Pastures is an environmentally sustainable ranch that improves the land and in this presentation you’ll learn how the health of soils and soil organisms needs to be understood and protected in order to ensure that agricultural businesses remain profitable and sustainable. Steve will discuss how the focus is to maintain an effective water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle and mineral cycle and how wildlife habitats and riparian areas need to be preserved. Work with nature, not against her.   Steve Kenyon has been teaching sustainable grazing management for more than 13 years and has been a keynote speaker at many conferences and seminars throughout Canada and the U.S.  He is a writer for the Stockman Grass Farmer magazine and also for the Canadian Cattleman Magazine. Steve has a very energetic personality, which compliments a very down to earth common sense approach to farm business management.  Yet he is still just a producer and presents in a very honest and straightforward style. Steve has developed and instructs the “Year Round Grazing Systems” Agricultural Business Management Course. This three-day course includes a human resource component, economics, finances, grazing principles, cell design and pasture rejuvenation.  This course will take you right into design and planning of a year round grazing system. He has also teamed up with the Stockman Grass Farmer and Joel Salatin and co-instructs the “Take this Farm and Love It!” business management school.